Glen Bennett
Mobil cooler
27846 South Rusty Lane
St. Maries Idaho 83861
Phone: 208-582-0084
"Finished and ready. Takes 10 minutes to bring it from 72 degrees to 36 degrees.
This unit is awesome!"
Joseph Ricca
The Ice House
Authorized Distributor
504-416-1623 Cell
"This unit is very easy to install looks great, and its quite. We are running at 14.2 degrees so far we as very pleased with the GOVI reefer unit."
Dave Gilbert
Waymatic Inc.
5354 Kenn-Tenn Rd.
South Fulton, TN 38257
"Christian, just installed the new unit in the 20ft. draft trailer and we are just ecstatic about the arktik 2000US Turned out looking great and the unit runs perfect. Can’t believe it cooled the trailer down that fast. Tell the guys in Germany great job. Thanks again"
Mr. Ole Bye
Southwest Farm Fresh Cooperative
PO Box 125
Cortez, CO 81321
304-640-5442 (cell)
“We used three GOVI units this season in refrigerated cargo trailers, and did not have a single problem. The on/off operation is easy, and the 110V plug makes it easy for us to park and use the trailers anywhere. The units are efficient, and we spent very little on electricity.”
Dale McKim
FLAMAN Group of Companies
3377 Gershaw Drive S.W.
Medicine Hat, Ab.
T1B 3N2
403-526-4426 Cell: 403-977-1374
This unit on its maiden trip, while plugged into a 3500 watt power plant, was able to sustain a temperature of -2 C. (approx. 28 F.) over the course of the entire day.
The customer was able to deliver frozen meat from 7am until 5pm.
The unit was plugged in overnight at its lowest setting so when they started out the trailer was at -9 C.
Nothing but praise for the Govi and its ability to keep this unit cold. "