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Focused on Quality and Consistency

Introducing GOVI ARKTIK units for refrigerated trailers that are portable. We offer high flexibility in mobile storage and transportation. We ensure high quality refrigeration for goods that have to stay cold sometimes called freezer trailers.
The Arktik 2000US, designed specifically for the Americas, is energy-efficient, quick to install, safe, quiet, aesthetically pleasing and covers a wide variety of customer refrigeration needs. It is a low-cost, high-quality, plug-and-play unit for small trailers that is easy to own and operate.


Our most popular model is easy to use. Plug it in anywhere and get consistent temperatures ranging from 0°F to 50°F [-18°C to +10°].
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Arktik2000US Controller

Why Choose GOVI?

The GOVI refrigeration units are like no other. The all-in-one unit only requires a 110v, 15amp connection to provide quiet, efficient, and reliable refrigeration for your trailers.
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Automatic hot gas defrosting
Double solenoid valve for defrosting
Suction line cooled compressor
Pre-wired cabling to connect a light
Thermometer to read the inside temperature
State of the art electronics
Lockable control panel
Temperature range 0°F to 50°F [-18°C to +10°]
R404A non-ozone depleting refrigerant
Large condenser for efficient heat exchange performance
Quiet running
Easy maintenance access
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For trailer sizes 8' to 16'